E.R.I.S.A. Compliance

Employers face strict deadlines for disclosing benefit plan information to all eligible employees. You may be at risk and not even know it and failure to comply with ERISA requirements can be extremely costly. Consequences for non-compliance may include government penalties, even employee lawsuits.

When Lifeline International LLC is the broker for your group benefits plan, we offer an optional E.R.I.S.A. compliance plan as well. Here is what is included with the E.R.I.S.A. plan.

  • Maintains all required records for the mandated amount of time
  • Provides instruction regarding required on-site record keeping
  • Completes all required forms accurately and promptly
  • Offers the flexibility to maintain separate ERISA Plans or bundle different benefits into a single Plan
  • Prepares and designs the required Plan Document and the Summary Plan Description
  • Provides guidelines for disclosure of required information to employees
  • Prepares all applicable forms and schedules
  • Assists in obtaining necessary information from insurance carriers to prepare required forms and filings
  • Prepares the Summary of Materials Modification (SMM) and Summary Annual Report (SAR) if required
  • Provides access to experienced employee benefits professionals
  • Provides an Audit Guarantee, helpful customer service, and 35+ years of experience in employee benefits administration
  • Provides Healthcare Reform notices required under PPACA and PHSA mandates
  • Provides notices required for Medicare Part D

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